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Cake Smash Planning Info
*Shoot will last about an hour +. Starting with the 1 year portraits first.

*Parents provide the theme… ie, custom banner, paper flowers if bringing your own (must be fully fluffed before arriving to the studio), helium balloons, cake, outfits, custom letters, signs, numbers, etc.
*I do have floor balloons, basic paper tassel banners, happy birthday banners, paper flowers, pennant banners in many solids that can be mixed and matched. A more detailed list of props is listed below. 
*No plastic or foil reflective banners please. (They don’t photograph well)
*Etsy is a good place to purchase cake smash themes, birthday outfits. Hobby Lobby is awesome, Michael's Craft Store.
*Also check your local party store and even Target.
*For the cake smash I have cream paper background, pink paper background, light and darker gray paper background, sky blue paper background, Purple paper background and white. Also faux wood background.
*I shoot on the light colored wood floor or paper pulled over floor. Please specify what color background you prefer so I can have it set up.
*If bringing your own paper flowers they must be assembled before arriving to the studio. If you are bringing a banner that requires pre stringing...please do this prior to the session.
*I will hang everything when we are ready for the Cake Smash. 
*If bringing helium balloons, typically 2 to 6 are enough. Keep in mind they can block wording if we are using a lettered banner.

Questions to ask yourself regarding Cake Smash Decor planning:
*What are your preferred colors?
*Banner or no banner?  What type of banner...ONE banner or just a decorative banner, or no banner?
*Balloons, Pom flowers, confetti, floor decor, One letters or One sign?
*Background color: Cream, Gray, White, Dark Gray, Pink, Purple, Sky Blue, Faux Wood (white, light wood or darker wood), Faux White Brick, Cream Brick, Gray/White Brick, Pink and Gold Star, Vintage Roses, Airplanes, Large Flowers.

*I photograph toddler first in any special outfits / props and desired background.  Then cake and scene, then toddler w/ scene and cake on desired background.  The sessions can be very stimulating, and I try to move efficiently so toddler doesn’t poop out on us…lol 

*Clothing should fit well and not irritate your child. It is a good idea to try the outfits on before the session date to assure a proper fit. Toddlers can be active, so keep this in mind when choosing outfits.

*You may bring a birthday outfit(s) for the first portraits,  and a cake smash outfit.  
*You may also bring anything special to add to the images for the portrait part, like  a book, special blanket, stuffed toy or prop.  Sometimes a book is good to keep toddlers attention. Not too may additional items please.
*I do use a few props during the first portraits like chairs, stools, chest, crate, or small things for the toddler to sit on or stand next to. I have many props and examples are listed below.
*Sessions are messy and I do have bags for the messy clothing. I provide wash cloths and towels for cleaning your toddler after the session. Also, you may get cake on you as well so maybe bring an extra shirt.

Bath: If we are doing a bath after the cake smash I will set that up while you are changing your toddler and cleaning them up.  The tub is a round silver/whitewash style. I use a white bathmat under it and fill it with warm bubble bath. I also have some rubber ducks. An example is on my Instagram Page. There is an additional charge for baths.

*A soft style cake is a must so it can be smashed. Hard marzipan or fondit style cakes although pretty,  do not work.  Please avoid fruit or hard food decor on the cake.
*My clients have used local bakeries like QFC, Whole Foods, Metropolitan Market (Kirkland)

Hoffman's in Redmond. See below for Custom Cake Recommendations.
The best type of cake is white cake middle and a buttercream frosting.  
Overly bright or very colorful frosting can stain your child's face. 

A 6 inch cake is perfect. Some kids smash it, some eat it, some just play with it.

*Custom Cake Recommendations
New York Cupcakes Crossroads   Adorable cakes!

Sweet Cakes in downtown Kirkland.
Small Cakes in Issaquah Landing.

Hillcrest Bakery in Bothell.
Morfey's Cakes in Seattle.

*Once you settle on a theme, I like to know ahead of time what the theme / colors is and what you will be bringing.  Please also specify a background paper color.  
Please send pics of clothing/theme. This way I can have backgrounds/props ready to go when you arrive.

I do have lots of cake smash decorations.  If you look thru my website gallerymy Facebook or my Instagram, and see something you like, feel free to send me a screen shot image and I can tell you if I provided the set or if the client brought it. Cakes and clothing are provided by the client.  Some clients do provide their own custom decor.

Available Toddler Props and Cake Smash Items:
White Toddler Ladder, Natural Toddler Ladder, Wooden Chairs, Teal Blue Wicker Chair, Vine Bench, Stools, Crates, Red Small Wagon, Wood Logs, Baskets, Pink Vintage Toddler Car, Beach Balls, Shells, Netting, White Wooden Boat, Baseballs, Glove, Bat, Moon, Woven Chests, Vintage Brown Suitcase, Floral Suitcases, Pearl Strand.....and more. Novelty Background Designs for the 1 Year Portraits, also Solids, Silk Flowers.

Available For The Cake Smash:
Background Paper Colors: White, Gray, Cream, Pink, Light Purple, Sky Blue, Faux Wood. 

Background Pennant Banners for Boys and Girls in a Variety of Colors. Many other Banners as well.
Gold Beaded Curtain Background. Happy Birthday Banners. 
Loose Floor Balloons in a variety of colors. Floor Ribbons. Silk Flowers. Fluff for Clouds. Wire Cream 3 Tier Shelf.
Cobalt Blue Medium ONE Letters, Large Silver ONE Letters, Medium White ONE Letters, Gold Medium ONE Letters.
Cake Stands: White, Off White, Clear, Wood, Cobalt Blue, Bright Pink.

12 inch Paper Pom Flowers: 
White, Cobalt Blue, Light Blue, Red, Yellow, Lime Green, Gold, Pink, Purple, Fushia, Silver, Ivory, Black.
16 inch: Gold, Pink

Available Themed Banners Include:
Faux Flower Vine, One in A Melon, You are My Sunshine, Woodland, Plaid Lumber Jack Happy Birthday Banner, Baseball, Seahawks, Nautical, Arrows, Pink Circles, Purple Stars, Boy Prince....and more!

*Only parents and toddler should attend the session. Unless you feel an additional family member will be helpful for the toddler in regards to smiling, then that is fine to bring them. My studio does have limited space. It is my experience that toddlers get distracted and over stimulated very quickly and often times do not focus on me if there are numerous people in the studio trying to get his or her attention.

*Please no personal photography or video during the session. 
*Parents your clothes will probably get cake on them so bring an extra shirt.

Lastly, be prepared to work a bit, AND have fun!!

Go to and search for:
cake smash clothing girls / cake smash clothing boys / cake smash banners / cake smash themes

Helpful Links for Cake Smash items:

Die Cut Banners:  (I love these banners) Please note that she shows many in triple form, so be aware when you purchase if you want to double or triple them lengthwise. You may need to order extra if you want the layered effect. 

Love Garlands: 

Love these Banners: 

Boys Bloomers:   
Boys Bloomers: 

Lil Pink Goose Boutique: 

Lexi and Co:  

Girls Tutu & Hat: 

Girls Onesie: 

Pom pom banner:


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